[MapProxy] limit requests to backend by resolution

Trond Michelsen trondmm-mapproxy at crusaders.no
Tue Oct 10 09:02:25 PDT 2017


I have an image served through wms, which is 10980x10980 pixels in
size. I'm wondering if it's possible to limit which resolutions
mapproxy requests from the backend, while still return tiles?

I know I can use min_res and max_res to limit what mapproxy will
serve, but I'd like mapproxy to scale the image itself, rather than
refetching it from the backend.


The full size of this image, on the various zoomlevels are:

00: 1x1
01: 1x1
02: 3x3
03: 5x5
04: 11x11
05: 21x21
06: 43x43
07: 86x86
08: 172x172
09: 343x343
10: 686x686
11: 1372x1372
12: 2745x2745
13: 5490x5490
14: 10980x10980

So, obviously, it's not very useful to serve this layer on zoomlevel
0-4. But, for level 5-11, I'd like mapproxy to request the full image
from the backend at level 12, then resize it and fill the cache for
all relevant zoom levels.

Is that possible?

Trond Michelsen

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