[MapProxy] Choosing the right grid for Caches with multiple grids

dirk.thalheim at bkg.bund.de dirk.thalheim at bkg.bund.de
Fri Sep 14 00:41:37 PDT 2018

Dear list,

we have a service configured, where a single cache supports two grids in different projections (EPSG:3857 and EPSG:25832). Basically this works pretty good. However, when accessing the layer within the WMS in a projection not matching the grid projections, it seems mapproxy doesn't choose the best grid as source for transformation. E.g. when requesting the layer in EPSG:25833 I would assume the best source is EPSG:25832. Mapproxy however seems to always use EPSG:3857 as source when a projection doesn't match. Is there a way to influence the behavior of mapproxy for choosing the right source grid/projection depending on the requested srsname?

Kind regards, Dirk

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