[MapProxy] MapProxy in combination with ArcGIS Server

Oliver Tonnhofer tonnhofer at omniscale.de
Tue Sep 18 23:18:19 PDT 2018


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> On 13. Sep 2018, at 16:04, Fabiola Kälin <fabiola.kaelin at crosswind.ch> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I’d like to create a WMS with MapProxy based on a WMS published to ArcGIS Server. For the WMS URL in mapproxy I used the REST API URL having the following structure: https://IPADDRESS:6443/arcgis/services/.../MapServer/WMSServer
> The demo page opens and the Capabilities Document is downloadable. The map, however, cannot be displayed (when clicking on the image button). The following error appears in the “map layout”: “Could not get any sources: Could not verify connection to URL … ”
> I saw that the URL extension is not the one I use for accessing the WMS directly from ArcGIS Server. Not sure, whether that could be the problem or not. Do you have any experience with that?
> Thanks for your help in advance.
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