[MapProxy] WMTS with TIFF Files

D. Viert d.viert at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 29 06:04:52 PDT 2019

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately I could not find a solution even after a long search in the
MapProxy documentation.

I have a large number of GeoTiff files that I want to publish to a WMTS
local service on a laptop.

The files are stored in subfolders according to the following scheme:

F: \ orthophotos \ 32332 \ dop40_rgb_32332_5455_1

... \ dop40_rgb_32332_5456_1


F: \ orthophotos \ 32333 \ dop40_rgb_32333_5449_1


The size is 2500x2500 pixels per file and the EPSG is 25832

Is it possible to deploy these tiles as WMTS using the latest version of
MapProxy without any additional software? If possible, how do I proceed? Is
there a tutorial with this topic available?


Thank you in advance and best regards from Potsdam


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