[MapProxy] Error "invalid BBox" while generating new WMTS

Reto Wick Reto.Wick at zg.ch
Mon Aug 3 04:45:35 PDT 2020

Hi everyone

I'm new to the Mapproxy mailing list. This is my first post in here.

We're using Mapproxy 1.12 for generating WMTS services. As a source I usually use our WMS services hosted on a QGIS server. So far I've only generated WMTS with EPSG:2056, which always ran through successfully.
Now for a specific usecase a WMTS in EPSG:4326 is needed.

Therefor I've defined a new grid as follows (the only change from our usually used grid is the "srs", the rest is identical):

        srs: 'EPSG:4326'
        bbox: [2670000,1212000,2698000,1235000]
        bbox_srs: 'EPSG:2056'
        tile_size: [512,512]
        origin: nw
        # resolutions: meter per pixel
        res: [
            # res  level    scale @96.0 DPI
            50,   #  0      188976
            20,   #  1      75591
            10,   #  2      37795
            5,    #  3      18898
            2.5,  #  4      9449
            1,    #  5      3779.5
            0.5,  #  6      1890
            0.25, #  7      945
            0.1,  #  8      378
            0.05  #  9      189

When starting the process, I get an error stating "mapproxy.grid.GridError: Invalid BBOX".

As I understand, the bbox does not need to be specified in the same EPSG as the grid ("srs"), as long as I use specify the "bbox_srs".
I've already tried defining the bbox in the same EPSG as "srs", without success.

What seems weird to me: when changing "srs: EPSG:4326" to "srs: EPSG:2056" everything works fine, without a bbox-error occuring. Despite the exact same bbox definition as before.

Thank you very much for any advice/hint that could contribute to a solution.

kind regards
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