[MapProxy] MapProxy minimal for production mode

Brian Wilson brian at wildsong.biz
Tue May 19 09:03:56 PDT 2020

I use waitress for wsgi behind an nginx reverse proxy and it works just
fine, but performance is not an issue for us so I've never tested it
against others.

We use mapproxy to cache airphotos and hillshades used in our county

Initially I chose waitress because it will run on Windows. I was going to
try to put it in a Windows docker but every time I install Docker on our
Windows server it wants to curl up in a little ball so I run it on Debian.

Our full rollout uses 4 docker containers. 1 reverse proxy, 2 manages Let's
Encrypt certificates, 3 MapProxy, and 4 CouchDB (the tile store for
mapproxy). I could split them off onto separate machines but as I said,
there is no performance problem so there is no need.

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