[MapProxy] Caches: performance and conversion?

Immanuel Hayden immanuel.hayden at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 08:18:28 PDT 2021


Short summary of my situation: I have about 1 TB of tiles between 100+
projects (mostly file-cache based ... the horrors) and would like to
migrate away to a different cache format. So far I've found geopackage to
work rather nicely and also seemingly uses considerably less disk space
(about half in my trials). However this leads to two questions:

1. Did anyone ever do a performance comparison between the different local
caches? I am concerned with running into performance problems halfway
through converting the data. This also includes resource consumption (i.e.
does for example loading a geopackage cache stress memory more than a file
2. Is there some way to convert between cache types? Re-rendering takes a
_long_ time due to the complexity of our maps, so while this was a good
option for my test projects, it isn't for the bulk of the tile cache. If
there is an option, how would I actually set that up? Maybe adding the
existing cache as a WMS soure or something?

Thanks for your inputs :)
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