[MapProxy] Mapproxy Cleanups Speed

Johannes Weskamm weskamm at terrestris.de
Wed Mar 31 06:34:05 PDT 2021


Try saving your cache in a database -> e.g. sqlite
(https://mapproxy.org/docs/1.13.0/caches.html#sqlite) instead of a file
based cache. That should speed up cache cleanup.



Am 31.03.21 um 15:27 schrieb Nuno Silva:
> Hi everybody.
> I'm using Mapproxy to create a cache of a WMS layer on a production
> server to prevent direct access from the users to this server, I used
> in the past MapCache, but problems related to GetFeatureInfo and
> GetLegendGraphic with some WMS Servers made me try this alternative.
> The problem:
> I have a layer that is generated every 3-4h using as source a netcdf
> file...the backend server has to read that netcdf file, with high cost
> of processing the file, with the cache between the client and the
> server, only the first requests would take longer, but when I'm using
> the mapproxy-seed utility to do a cache cleanup, assuming that the
> user could use all 18 levels of that layer, is taking now 4h to
> complete 25% cleaning of the cache....making this process take about
> 16h to achieve 100% (again, I have new information being created every
> 3-4h)
> Is there a way to achieve fast cache cleaning? I'll already
> set  *remove_all: true *, but even so it takes toooooo long even
> without folder timestamp compare...
> I'm considering making a manual removal of the folder with rm -fR
> /cache_folder/* and the seeding for *to: 5* just to fill the initial
> cache with some data.
> Any suggestions/alternatives would be appreciated , thanks in advance!
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> nsilva
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