[MapProxy] Mapproxy Cleanups Speed

Nuno Silva nuno.box at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 06:27:55 PDT 2021

Hi everybody.

I'm using Mapproxy to create a cache of a WMS layer on a production server
to prevent direct access from the users to this server, I used in the past
MapCache, but problems related to GetFeatureInfo and GetLegendGraphic with
some WMS Servers made me try this alternative.

The problem:

I have a layer that is generated every 3-4h using as source a netcdf
file...the backend server has to read that netcdf file, with high cost of
processing the file, with the cache between the client and the server, only
the first requests would take longer, but when I'm using the mapproxy-seed
utility to do a cache cleanup, assuming that the user could use all 18
levels of that layer, is taking now 4h to complete 25% cleaning of the
cache....making this process take about 16h to achieve 100% (again, I have
new information being created every 3-4h)

Is there a way to achieve fast cache cleaning? I'll already set  *remove_all:
true *, but even so it takes toooooo long even without folder timestamp

I'm considering making a manual removal of the folder with rm -fR
/cache_folder/* and the seeding for *to: 5* just to fill the initial cache
with some data.

Any suggestions/alternatives would be appreciated , thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
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