[mapserver-dev] Transparency attribute on Layer Object

David Graham dgraham at i3.com
Mon Aug 19 13:55:30 EDT 2002


That is strange.  I looked for it in the MapFile refrence and it is not 


I don't think it exists for raster stuff.  My look into mapraster.c did 
not turn up anything that looked like it.


Daniel Morissette wrote:

>I never used it myself, but you might want to have a look at the
>TRANSPARENCY parameter that was added at the layer level in 3.6:
>I'm not sure whether this feature is properly supported with imagery
>and/or 24 bits output in 3.7 yet... I'll let Frank/Steve reply on that.
>David Graham wrote:
>>I would like to know if anyone is working on a project to add transpency
>>to Layer Objects that are of type raster data.  If not I am trying to
>>size the effort required to add the ability to specify a transparency
>>parameter in the layer object (map file) that could indicate % of the
>>imagery to blend with existing data at rendering time.  The idea is to
>>be able to blend multiple raster layers each overlaying the last.  Since
>>the we now have 24bit support this should not be too difficult.
>>Currently my requirements are only for Raster data, but it would be
>>useful to eventualy extend the functionality to vector polygons filling
>>also.  I am less familiar with that side of the code.
>>Dave Graham
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David W. Graham
Director of Geospatial Applications Development
information integration and imaging, LLC
201 Linden St, Third Floor
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 482-4400
dgraham at i3.com

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