[mapserver-dev] Accumulating nquery results into a layer

Administrator jnovak at novacell.com
Sat Nov 9 22:49:32 EST 2002

I would like to provide my users with the ability to spatially
select/deselect rectangular areas of a displayed map and to accumulate
the results of multiple nqueries into a layer.  This layer would then be
visually indicated on the current map as, say, an opaque shape.  I'd
really like to do this as an additive alpha overlay, but one thing at a
time.  ;-)  Another display possibility is to render the layer as lines
and use the existing highlight feature to indicate selected areas.
I am assuming here that nqueries (or a variant that I code myself) are
the correct operations to perform in this case.  I am using the Rosa
applet as a front end, so I have both point and rectangular information
flowing from the client.
An ideas about the quickest way to get this implemented are appreciated.
John Novak
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