[mapserver-dev] Docs for testing 3.7

Jan Hartmann jhart at frw.uva.nl
Wed Nov 13 09:38:06 EST 2002


I just downloaded and compiled 3.7 for testing a DHTML application I've 
been working on for some months: putting maps into moving and resizable 
windows, much like a desktop application (see 
http://www.brainjar.com/dhtml/windows/demo.html for the general idea). 
The JavaScript will probably useful to more people who are developing 
user interfaces for MapServer, so I was planning to make it available 
around Christmas. The thing works under 3.6.3, but I thought it would be 
more profitable to release it for 3.7. After a few preliminary tests I 
encountered problems with OUTPUTTYPE, SWF and the new QUERY mechanism. I 
have some postings on the last two subjects by Assafa and Steve in my 
own mail archive, respectively from

9-8 (Assafa) 

10-10 (Steve) (not found in the list archive)

and I remember having read something about a more flexible way of 
integrating raster output formats, but I can't find that any more (I 
would like to add raster SWF output as an option; used my own code until 
now). Can anyone point me to more information on these subjects (e.g. 
where to look in the source code)? Also, if there are more changes in 
using MapServer CGI from 3.6 to 3.7 I would appreciate to hear of them. 
Could save me from having to rewrite things in the future.


Jan Hartmann

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