[mapserver-dev] Re: MapServer security issue

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Fri Nov 15 11:11:26 EST 2002

I'm implementing my suggestion of last week, should be functional this
I agree that some sort of test should be contrived to make sure CGI
input is 
properly sanitized. The CGI form parsing stuff is old, but reliable
code from
NCSA. It has been patched as as necessary over the years. I'm guessing
code should be scrutinized to make sure everything is being escaped
I've also thought about putting a throttle in place to limit the size
of a total
request and for any individual data. This would mean checking content
and bombing if requests are too large. Might be effective in thwarting
attacks aimed at buffer overflows. 


Stephen Lime
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Minnesota DNR
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>>> Jan Hartmann <jhart at frw.uva.nl> 11/12/02 11:38AM >>>
Yes, I was thinking of the HTTP_REFERER environment variable, which is

set by the server if it processes a request coming from another webpage

(i.e. not from a directly typed-in URL). In theory, this would make it

possible to discriminate between calls to the MapServer CGI coming from

inside or outside the same server environment. On second thoughts this

is not a good idea:

- The sending browser has to set the "referer:" line in the request 
header of the web-page. Not all browsers do this
- Servers can be configured not to set this variable
- The request header can be easily spoofed by using telnet or netcat to

send a request to the server and adding explicitly a false "referrer:"

header line

As far as I could find out there is no really secure way to prevent a 
CGI program from being started up from anywhere on the web and letting

it do whatever it was programmed to do. So security has to come from 
within the MapServer CGI. I guess Steve's last proposal (setting a 
regular expression in the MapFile to check for access to the DATA and 
MAP variables) offers the most flexibility with the least programming 
effort (or change for existing applications). To be even more secure, 
perhaps someone should do a quick check for the security of all
CGI variables that MapServer can process (an unbelievable lot!)


Steve Lime wrote:
> I like this idea, but how to implement. I assume you'd have to look
> at the referer which I thought was a bit inconsistant between
> browser vendors. Thoughts?
> What about a PATH variable at the LAYER level, which if defined
> would limit where DATA could be found. With out a limiting PATH
> we could disable changing of the DATA property. Same thing
> could apply to HTML templates.
> Steve
> Stephen Lime
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> Minnesota DNR
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