[mapserver-dev] 3.6.3 release

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 3 11:57:20 EDT 2002

Hi Steve,

What would you think about putting a 3.6.3 release up on the UMN
website this week?  The 3.6.3-dev CVS contains a few good bug fixes that
it would probably be good to release.

Once the UMN CVS server comes back, I need to do two things and then we
can tag and release 3.6.3:

- Commit a fix to msGMLWriteQuery() that was missing a msInitShape()
- We need to review the CVS change logs between 3.6.2 and 3.6.3 to make
sure that the HISTORY.TXT is up to date before the release... all my
changes are in but I'm not sure if every developer keeps the HISTORY.TXT
up to date when they commit fixes.

I'll attach below the current list of changes from the HISTORY.TXT
between 3.6.1 and 3.6.3 ... if anyone has made fixes in 3.6.3 and
they're not listed in there then please let me know.

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Version 3.6.3-dev 

- Fixed problem with numeric labels with OGR's STYLEITEM AUTO (bug 185)

- PHP MapScript: fixed set() method on all object types for parameters
  of type float and string.  The param value was not forced to the right
  type and this could lead to unexpected values being set or crashes.

- Fixed bug 174 - improperly terminated string buffer in msWMSException()

- Fixed problem with 'gcc undef' appearing in the mapscript/php3/Makefile
  on FreeBSD.  Also added --enable-internal-ld-detect configure switch to
  force use of an internal configure macro to detect ld command and args
  in case the default doesn't work (this is for mapscript/php3/Makefile only)

- Fixed potential crash with WMS GML query output (missing msInitSHape() in 

Version 3.6.2 (2002-07-08)

- Added msTokenizeMap() in MapScript (and via 'mapserv -t test.map')

- Added map->setFontSet()

- Fixed Windows-specific problem with PHP MapScript ms_newMapObj("")
  called with empty filename.

- Fixed problem with double 'gcc' appearing in mapscript/php3/Makefile on
  some systems.

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