[mapserver-dev] Re: [mapserver-users] Release of MS 3.7 ?

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Mon Oct 7 16:13:30 EDT 2002

I can certainly live with the proposed time table. I still have to
  - offset feature drawing
  - finish re-adding JOIN support
  - raster transparency
  - raster query
  - several bugs to investigate

I'd also like to dig into this GD/Freetype 2.0 issue. Since one of the
coolest features of 3.7 is the 24-bit support I would imagine that users
will flock to GD-2.0, which means they have to use FT2. That's probably
not a MapServer issue but more of a GD patch. However, MapServer users
will suffer without that patch.

We need to make sure that the 2 versions of MapScript are in sync. Same
methods, helper functions and so on.

We need to talk offline about WFS and the XML reading (using expat?). 
I'm curious what parts of WFS will be present and so on. What about


Stephen Lime
Data & Applications Manager

Minnesota DNR
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>>> Daniel Morissette <morissette at dmsolutions.ca> 10/02/02 01:17PM >>>

>From our end, most of the work that we wanted to do has been
for 3.7, there are just a few items left that we would like to see
before a 3.7 release:

- WFS Support (due by Oct. 10)
- Retrofit PDF output in new architecture (almost done)  
- Implement support for OGC Web Map Context (basically a WMS mapfile
XML format), see:
- Do our best to complete thread-safety for the PHP MapScript module

All the above can be completed before the end of October at our end. 
Does anyone else still have things they wanted to include in version

I think a stable release by the end of October would be a bit short. 
Perhaps we should take the 3.6 release cycle as an example since it
worked very well and resulted in a very stable release:
 - April 30 2002: Created 3.6 branch in CVS, the main trunk becoming
 - May 30 : Released 3.6.0 after one month of active testing by
    users/developers of MapLab, and many other users around the world.
 - 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 were released with bug fixes in the following
 - More fixes are present in 3.6.3 in CVS and we should probably
   this as the official version on the UMN website.  What do you

For the 3.7 release I think we should plan for at least one month of
active testing after branching in CVS, the same way as we did for 3.6.

How about the following schedule for a 3.7 release:

 - Oct. 26 : Freeze 3.7 developmentand create 3.7 branch in CVS and
      start releasing 3.7 betas for public use.  
      The main trunk in CVS becomes 3.8-dev or 4.0-dev
 - Oct 27 to Nov. 30 : Testing by users community and bug fixes in 3.7
      branch based on users feedback
 - Early December : 3.7.0 release, with 3.7.1, etc. later on for bug
      fixes only.

Any comments, suggestions?  If we decide to go ahead with this plan
I'll create a Wiki page to document the release process and with a
checklist of things completed and still to be done before the release.


Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi Tom: If everyone (especially me) would wrap up changes we'd be
> looking at the end of October, with a usable nightly build well
> then. I'm not sure that's realistic though. I'll take this to the
> developers list to see if we can agree on a target date.
> Steve
> Stephen Lime
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> Minnesota DNR
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> >>> "Tom Cadman" <Tom.Cadman at region.durham.on.ca> 09/26/02 07:44 AM
> Hello everbody. Is there a tentative release date for Mapserve
> 3.7 ?
> Thanks

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