[mapserver-dev] Fwd: ms-3.6.3 and mappostgis.c

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 10 15:32:48 EDT 2002

David Blasby wrote:
> The current 3.7 mappostgis.c is compatible with 3.6 and has lots of wiz-bang
> feature.
> If you could replace the 3.6 mappostgis.c with the 3.7 mappostgis.c everyone
> would
> be happy.

I'm not sure if we want to add new wiz-bang features in a stable release
branch, but I'll leave that decision up to you since it doesn't affect
any of my production apps today.  However others on the list may want to
put a veto on which new features get added to the stable branch.

About applying the new version to CVS, if you could do it yourself then
I would be happier  ;)  Not to mention that you must be better setup
than I am to test this against PostGIS and make sure we don't commit a
broken version to the stable 3.6 branch.

Assuming that you already have a 3.7 source tree:

  cd mapserver
  cvs update -r rel-3.6.0-beta1
  ... apply your patches/fixes, and make sure you test them well
  ... edit HISTORY.TXT to describe the patch/fixes you made
  cvs commit -m "Backported this and this" mappostgis.c HISTORY.TXT

And finally you can restore your source tree to the 3.7 version with
'cvs update -A'

Thanks for helping us to make everyone happy!  :)

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