[mapserver-dev] MapServer 3.7 changes for WMS/WFS

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Sep 2 23:14:47 EDT 2002


I have committed a few minutes ago in the MapServer 3.7-dev (main CVS
trunk) a bunch of changes to the WMS code, and a couple of new files
setting the bases for WFS server support.

The most important change (other than moving code around) is that the
flag -DUSE_WMS was changed to -D_USE_WMS_SVR in order to be consistent
and prevent confusion with the other OWS (OGC Web Services) related

Unix developers: next time you do a CVS update of the 3.7-dev source you
should rerun configure and make clean... the configure script should
take care of everything for you.

For those of you compiling on Windows, you will have to make sure your
Makefile.vc uses -DUSE_WMS_SVR instead of -DUSE_WMS ... I already
updated the Makefile.vc in CVS to include this change (and the new .obj
files), so in theory there should not be any problem.

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