[Mapserver-dev] New QUERYABLE true/false layer parameter?

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Apr 23 16:54:57 EDT 2003

Steve, and all,

Since we are breaking with the past in many ways with this upcoming
release, perhaps now would be a good time to fix another annoying issue:
the lack of a QUERYABLE flag in layer and class definitions.

I understand the logic and historical reasons behind the use of TEMPLATE
to trigger queryability in the context of the mapserv CGI, but these
days there are lots of MapScript applications that end up having to set
TEMPLATE "ttt" in their layer definitions just to make the layers
queryable, this is really not intuitive and sounds clunky when we have
to explain to a new user why things are this way.  There are also WMS
client layers that end up setting TEMPLATE "ttt" to indicate that the
layer on the remote server is queryable... we're very far from the
initial TEMPLATE idea.

What would you think of adding a QUERYABLE parameter to the LAYER and
CLASS definitions that dictates whether a layer is queryable or not? 
For mapserv CGI applications, the TEMPLATE value would still be
required, if TEMPLATE is not set for a queryable class or layer then the
mapserv CGI would return an error.

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