[Mapserver-dev] Force Freetype1 problem, suggested change

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Feb 4 16:36:53 EST 2003

Jeremy Gwinnup wrote:
> I saw someone suggesting changes to the configure.in script - Is there any
> interest in converting the build script to use both Automake and Autoconf
> to build the package on the Unix side? I've made a rudimentary attempt at
> it, but it needs work. Let me know if anyone's interested in this.

Can you please describe the benefits that Automake would bring relative
to the current approach which is based purely on Autoconf and Makefile

BTW I agree that the current configure scripts and Makefiles aren't as
clean as they could be and could use some work (my bad in big part), so
if you know some ways to make them work better in some conditions where
they currently fail then your help would be welcome for sure.  I would
also be open to seeing everything being replaced by a new system as long
as you can demonstrate that there is a benefit to making the switch, and
that you are prepared to support the new scripts and Makefiles at least
until they're proven to be as stable as the old ones.

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