[Mapserver-dev] Force Freetype1 problem, suggested change

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Feb 5 17:12:19 EST 2003

Jeremy Gwinnup wrote:
> The file syntax is very easy. I'll email my working Makefile.am and
> configure.in for your perusal. Anyone else interested, please email me
> and I'll send them to you.
> This isn't perfect (or done) but I think it addresses a couple issues
> some people have building the software. The larger question is: Does it
> make sense to totally disrupt the current Unix build process.

Hi Jeremy,

I had a look at the files you sent and this all looks very interesting. 
However it looks to me like the configure.in will still be almost as
complex and messy as it used to be.  For instance, we'll still have to
resolve the current issues with the Freetype1 vs Freetype2 problems,

One of the benefits is that the libtool approach should hopefully
resolve some issues we had figuring the linker command to use in
building php_mapscript.so for instance.

Anyway, if you're interested in pursuing this then I agree that it could
be a good idea, as long as you have the time to complete that work (I
don't have time for this now and I'm not sure if other developers do). 
I don't think we can replace the old build system until we are sure that
the new one works for all configurations including the MapScripts (at
leat PHP MapScript).  We could create a CVS branch just for the config
files (not branch the whole mapserver source tree, just the config
files) to allow you to commit development versions of your scripts and
provide easy access to those who want to test them.  Let me know if you
want me to set that up for you.

Also it would be a nice plus to include the SWIG-based MapScripts in
this build system if you can.  Perhaps you could get help for this from
the experts in each version of MapScript.

My 0.02$... BTW, I speak for myself only here, and opinions from the
other developers on this would be welcome.

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