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There are parameters that allow user specified grid spacing or automatic
grid scaling.  Alternatively, you can specify the number of divisions
and the code will try to get close to that number.

You may also select labeled or unlabeled grid arcs, as well as the
number of subdivisions used to render each arc, a subdivision being a
straight line segment. 

You may also specify a projection for the grid, and the units used to
specify spacing are in the coordinate system defined by the projection.
So, anything that PROJ4 supports is available to the user, assuming
PROJ4 support is included in the MapServer build, of course.


I'll be bringing the code up to the latest CVS level this weekend and
I'll send it to you when I've tested it.  It's been about 6 weeks since
I last merged, so I suspect I'm in for a really amusing time ;-O ...

John Novak
Novacell Technologies 

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John's the ultimate source for this, but as I understand it the code is
almost complete and John will be handing it off to me for integration.
I'll add him as a CVS writer thereafter. If I recall correctly you get
tons of control, and are not limited to lat/lon grids.


>>> Daniel Morissette <morissette at dmsolutions.ca> 02/06/03 01:27PM >>>

Back in december there were discussions between Steve and John Novak
about adding a new graticule layer type in MapServer.  I see that a
function has been added to the source but it's still empty.  Would it be
possible to get an update on the status of this, and how much control is
planned on this functionality.  For instance, how much control would we
get on grid spacing?  Would it support only lat/lon grids or could the
grid be in any projection?


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