[Mapserver-dev] Native Win32 PostgreSQL libPQ

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Feb 8 14:06:25 EST 2003

Thanks for this Norman, timing is perfect for us as we were still
fighting to get the Cygwin version to work with MapServer!  I'll try a
native Win32 build of MapServer using it later today and will keep the
list posted.


Norman Vine wrote:
> Hi all
> I have placed an experimental packaging of libpq for Win32 at
> http://www.vso.cape.com/~nhv/files/postgres/libpq.lib.tgz
> This was built against PostgreSQL 7.3.1
> using MingW32 and converted to MS library format
> using the Microsoft Lib tool  'lib /machine:i386 /def:libpqdll.def'
> The MingW version of the library this was built from works
> fine for me and I see no reason why the MSVC version in this
> tarball shouldn't allow a MSVC compiled mapserver to query
> a PostGIS database.
> I am hoping that by announcing this here instead of the users list
> we can work out bugs and packaging issues
> Cheers
> Norman
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