[Mapserver-dev] Fwd: Re: MapServer MySQL interface

Attila Csipa attila at prometheus.org.yu
Wed Feb 12 05:11:24 EST 2003

On Monday 27 January 2003 19:50, you wrote:
> appreciate knowing when you have setup a web page or mailing list for
> your efforts.  As practical I would be interested in making my OGR tools
> compatible with such an implemention.

I have a working prototype which handles (at the moment) only a subset of 
SFSQL spec, but all the major things are in. You can check out a demo version 
(about 40 layers with near 100.000 features) at 
http://gis.manufacture.co.yu/sfsql/index_xml_debug.m  if you like (omit 
_debug if you do not want the queries to be displayed). It's not a speed 
champion (never really ment to be), I wanted to have something that works 
first and optimize later. If you need any details about the implementation, 
just say it. The 2 limitations - it handles only wkb_collection type in 
binary storage (mappostgis.c heritage) and tables with 2 coordinates when 
using numerical storage (works with polygons, longer lines, etc, it's just 
that there must be 2 points / SEQ).

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