[Mapserver-dev] Fwd: Re: MapServer MySQL interface

David Graham dgraham at i3.com
Tue Jan 28 17:22:19 EST 2003

David Blasby wrote:

>> As you maybe noticed my
>>connector implementation is based on almost pure ansi sql, so with
>>minimal changes it can be used practically with ANY sql database. It IS
>>slower than postgis, but even with postgis-mysql 4.1 available, this
>>solution is an option because it does not require to jump on a
>>relatively unstable new mysql, does not require to install postgis if
>>you do not already have it and, finally, it does not require additional
>>knowledge beside plain sql to use and modify. So basically it is a
>>'sql-lite' connector - compatible with practically everything and easy
>>to use, the downside being slower than a regular postgis approach.
>But, please please please consider following the OGC SF SQL spec!!
I would also say please support the OGC SQL 99-049 spec. It is pretty 
easy to implement, I just turned on an OGC database for a client who 
wants the fexiblilty to change database platforms in the future. It 
keeps the technology moving in the same direction and makes your code 
more reusable for future projects.

Dave Graham

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