[Mapserver-dev] Fwd: Re: MapServer MySQL interface

Attila Csipa attila at prometheus.org.yu
Wed Jan 29 13:48:58 EST 2003

On Monday 27 January 2003 20:05, David Blasby wrote:
> integrated" approach. The SF SQL spec is available at
> http://www.opengis.org/techno/specs/99-049.pdf
> I *HIGHLY* recommend implementing their specification rather than creating
> your own.

I checked out this spec and although it contains many things mapserver cannot 
handle at this point, it is very close to what I originally had in mind. My 
current code would fall in the category of SQL92 implementation using numeric 
SQL types for storage as defined in the SF SQL spec, of course with some 
minor differences. The conversion of my version to the specified one is not a 
problem and will be done soon.

> 1. store the geometry as either WKT or WKB in a column in mysql.  Have the
> mapserver connector perform the WKB (or WKT) to ShapeObj.  The PostGIS
> connector using WKB as a transit representation - you could steal the
> parser from mappostgis.c.  This allows you store more complex geometries. 
> See the SF SQL spec - it gives this as an implementation option.

Yes, the advantages of using WKB geometry are clear to me, I will implement 
that approach as well in the very near future as the next step in my 

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