[Mapserver-dev] Template file and Mime type

Harald Wehr hwehr at hs-harz.de
Wed May 14 01:52:32 EDT 2003

We are calling the mapserver cgi script from our java programs. We don't 
use the java mapscript part because of some threading problems already 
discussed on the mailing lists.

As template an XML file is used. This works quite well, as mapserver 
does not care about the contents or extension of the file. It only fills 
the results between the brackets [].

When mapserver sends this template back as response it adds a HTML mime 
type and the version info to this response.
As we are expecting XML the mime type is not correct. The stream does 
not begin with "<?xml version="1.0"?> like in the template file.

Would it make sense to provide another cgi parameter which sets the 
expected mime type?
As there is already a [version] field in the template reference why does 
mapserver prints this information always at the beginning of the response?

Thanks for your answers


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