[Mapserver-dev] Wingdings bug

Ned Harding nharding at extendthereach.com
Wed Nov 5 17:55:07 EST 2003

I found a post that said that Wingdings and other TrueType fonts that are
not Unicode don't work, but...  A little research in the debugger diving
down into the FreeType library found that the WingDings characters are
mapped into the range of 0xf000 to 0xf0ff.  If you simply add 61440 to a
character code, it works just fine, i.e.    CHARACTER "" maps to the
star (0xAB).  This works fine in a kludgy kind of way, but violates my sense
of style.

I'm not familiar enough with the mapServer code base and all the libraries
to fix this bug.  Any ideas what piece of code should be responsible for
mapping these characters up into this range?  I'm guessing that the bug is
in the GD library, but again, I'm not really sure.


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