[Mapserver-dev] few things to note

Ranga Raju Vatsavai vatsavai at mail.cs.umn.edu
Wed Sep 3 17:54:32 EDT 2003

Hello Mapserver-users,

We are facing performance and as well as resource problems due to heavy 
spam.  As a result I am cleaning all the pending mails without looking 
at them. This might effect non subscribed (genuine) users who want to 
post without subscribing to the list. Till we figureout a way to deal 
with spam, I request all users (subscribed or non subscribed) who 
think that their mail is not getting on to the list in a reasonable 
amount of time to forward their post to me (vrraju at gis.umn.edu). 

I am also open to any suggestions on dealing with spam, 
from experienced users of mailman software.


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