PHP's bundled regex/*.o

Thomas Sondag thomas at MICRODOP.ORG
Sun Dec 12 12:34:55 EST 2004

Hi Mapserver developers,

I currently maintain unofficial debian packages of mapserver [1],
according to the debian gist project [2], and recent installation
success [3], I try to improve my packages for make it official.

Major problems come with php mascpript binding, debian currently provide
both php4 as apache DSO and php4 cgi binary build with php regex.

In the latest release (4.4.0), I try to build mapserver using PHP's
bundled regex/*.o, and it work fine with php as an apache DSO but
shp2img for example and with php4 cgi now segfault on
mapfile fopen in mapfile.c, and realy don't know why :(.

I already try to post in mapserver-users but with no response, may be
I'm the only one to have this problem ?

Thank for your help,



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