PHP's bundled regex/*.o

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Dec 14 12:23:49 EST 2004

Thomas Sondag wrote:
> In the latest release (4.4.0), I try to build mapserver using PHP's
> bundled regex/*.o, and it work fine with php as an apache DSO but
> shp2img for example and with php4 cgi now segfault on
> mapfile fopen in mapfile.c, and realy don't know why :(.
> I already try to post in mapserver-users but with no response, may be
> I'm the only one to have this problem ?

Segfault on fopen()? That's the first time I hear of that one. I could
imagine the possibility of a crash if you try to use your built with php's regex/*.o with a php4 cgi that was
built with the system regex, but you say that you have the exact same
problem with shp2img so that can explain the shp2img crash.

Have you tried running Valgrind on shp2img? That might help to identify
the source of the problem. For sure you should try to solve the issue
with shp2img first as it is much simpler than the php module to debug.
I'm not sure what to suggest, there may be something wrong in your build
environment, like duplicate (but different) copies of the same header
files for some libs for instance.

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