[Mapserver-dev] Committed basic date support...

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Jan 8 00:45:38 EST 2004

Hi Folks: I just committed the beginnings of date/time support this
evening. Basically I:

  - updated the parser (bison) to use time (struct tm) tokens
  - added logical date operators (date1 < date2, ...)
  - updated the lexer to recognize the basic ISO 8601 date format
  - added files maptime.c/.h to house date/time utilities

The recognition of the date is automatic which shouldn't be a huge
problem. Only potential gotcha I can think of at the moment is using a
date as part of a regular expression within a logical expression. This
would bomb at the moment:

  ('2003-10-20' =~ /2003$/)

One solution would be to use either single or double quotes to deliniate
dates. So "2003-10-20" is a string and '2003-10-20' is a date.

Anyway, everything builds fine on linux but I'm curious about other
platforms. I stuck to standard date functions but I'm not sure how
things might work on Windows.


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