[Mapserver-dev] Re: time support

Jan Hartmann jhart at frw.uva.nl
Wed Jan 14 07:36:37 EST 2004

Steve Lime wrote:
> The positive with a TILEINDEX object is that essentially no new keywords
> would be necessary. We'd simply re-use a bunch that are already defined.
> Plus there's lots of room for flexiblity in the future- say for
> projections, non-shapefle index or even options to "view" the tile
> index.
> The negative is that this would break existing mapfiles using tiles.
> That's not exactly uncommon.
> Personally I favor the new object. Thoughts?

Couldn't you use a slightly different keyword for the TILEINDEX object, 
(e.g. TILEINDEXOBJECT) and leave the original keyword as is? Ik like the 
new object, but breaking all existing mapfiles with tiles is a heavy price.


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