[Mapserver-dev] Potential Development Grants

Ned Harding nharding at extendthereach.com
Thu Jan 15 13:14:43 EST 2004


My company is strongly considering integrating MapServer with some of our
core web products including http://www.demographicsnow.com and
http://www.freedemographics.com .

As a way of paying back the MapServer development community and helping push
MapServer more into the commercial space we are soliciting proposals to
improve the core of MapServer.

To that end we are prepared to offer up to $5000 in grants at this point.
That could take form as a single $5000 grant or multiple smaller ones
depending on the scope of the proposal and the application to our business.
In keeping with our desire to support and enhance Open Source efforts, and
specifically MapServer, all code will be donated back to the MapServer

In particular I would interested in grants addressing the following:

Multithreading and scalability.
Performance and caching especially with very large data sets.
Any other creative ideas that might specifically benefit us and our web

I reiterate the creative ideas that benefits SRC.  Think outside the box.
Register on our sites for the free eval and see what we do.

We reserve the right to make the final decision on any proposals and even
reserve the right to not accept any if there are no proposals that would
further our company's goals.

Ned Harding
Chief Technology Officer
SRC - Extending the Reach of Micromarketing
3825 Iris Ave Suite 150
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 440-8896 x104


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