[Mapserver-dev] mapserv (CVS) WMS query

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jan 22 18:32:07 EST 2004

Um... I never realized that this implied that the default style was 
named "default".  Please file this in bugzilla and one of us will take 
care of applying and testing the patch.  Note that we'll also have to 
parse (split) the styles parameter because we'll have to handle the case 
of styles=default,default,default....


Eric Sokolowsky wrote:
> I downloaded the latest mapserver source code through WMS to add some 
> features.  When I ran it with my WMS client, the WMS server responded
> with an error message:
> msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Invalid style ((null)). Mapserver supports only default styles and is expecting an empty string for the STYLES : STYLES= or STYLES=,,,
> I don't declare any Styles in my layer.  I read the WMS 1.1.1 specification
> regarding the Style parameter (section
> "If only a single style is available, that style is known as the "default"
> style and need not be advertised by the server."
> My WMS client places the fragment "style=default&" in the WMS query string
> if no style is given.  I think that mapserver's WMS server should support
> this.  I propose the following patch:
> diff -r1.87 mapwms.c
> 322c322
> <   if(styles && strlen(styles) > 0)
> ---
>>  if(styles && strlen(styles) > 0 && strcasecmp(styles, "default") != 0)
> Is this the appropriate place to submit this patch, or should I file a 
> report with bugzilla?

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