[Mapserver-dev] mapserv (CVS) WMS query

Eric Sokolowsky eric.sokolowsky at gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 22 16:54:15 EST 2004

I downloaded the latest mapserver source code through WMS to add some 
features.  When I ran it with my WMS client, the WMS server responded
with an error message:

msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Invalid style ((null)). Mapserver supports only default styles and is expecting an empty string for the STYLES : STYLES= or STYLES=,,,

I don't declare any Styles in my layer.  I read the WMS 1.1.1 specification
regarding the Style parameter (section

"If only a single style is available, that style is known as the "default"
style and need not be advertised by the server."

My WMS client places the fragment "style=default&" in the WMS query string
if no style is given.  I think that mapserver's WMS server should support
this.  I propose the following patch:

diff -r1.87 mapwms.c
<   if(styles && strlen(styles) > 0)
>   if(styles && strlen(styles) > 0 && strcasecmp(styles, "default") != 0)

Is this the appropriate place to submit this patch, or should I file a 
report with bugzilla?

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