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Sorry my previous message does not reach the list.

So the question is: Is bug 533 will be fixed in next 4.2 release?
bug 533 is a P3 enhencement bug.
Just to let everybody know, is only P2 bugs will be fix in next release 
or all bug in bugzilla?

I know that's a question of time and do not consider this as a request 
for this specific bug. It's more to put the information in the archive.

For Han problem now, you may try to add an empty STYLE in your CLASS
Or like Frank said on the mapserver list, you may file a bug.


Lee, Han wrote:
> Hi,
> We are trying to display text from DGN file using OGR.
> We were able to disply the text but the text is not rotated.
> I define my layer like this:
>   NAME Courval_Text
>   CONNECTION "D:\WMV_Data\ShapeFiles\Courval.dgn"
>   MINSCALE -10
>   MAXSCALE 3000
>   END # class
>   DUMP TRUE # allow GML export
>     WMS_TITLE "Background"
>     WMS_ABSTRACT "Background"
>     WMS_SRS "EPSG:26915"
>   END
> We tried many differnet formats (ArcInfo coverate, mif, tab files) to rotate
> the text,
> but that didn't work.
> I thought that STYLEITEM "AUTO" should use the angel value to rotate the
> text.
> Is this a bug or are you doing something wrong?
> Thank you for your help.
> Han
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> Hi,
> Do you talk about bug 533?
> http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=533
> I don't know if the fix will be available in the next release. You 
> should ask the maperver-dev list. You may want to put yourself in CC of 
> the bug to see the bug evolution.
> Also, there's a proposed workaround in the bug, will it work for you?
> If it's not related to this bug, sorry, can you explain a bit more your 
> problem.
> Best regards,
> Julien
> Kiefer, Chris wrote:
>>Hello, I saw a recent message (at least I think it was recent) that you 
>>posted in respect to an OGR Mapserver bug relating to angled text.   I 
>>could not tell if it was you or someone else who stated that the problem 
>>would be fixed in a subsequent release of the Mapserver.
>>We are implementing the Mapserver for a client and the lack of angled 
>>text is a problem for them (and therefore us).  Do you have any idea if 
>>that fix has been made and is available?   Specifically, we are hoping 
>>to access Microstation DGN files containing angled annotation, but can 
>>also use other formats if necessary.   So far, we have not been able to 
>>obtain angled text in any format.
>>Many thanks.
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