[Mapserver-dev] POST'ed MapServer Requests

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Mar 22 23:46:10 EST 2004


It seems that the POST support for MapServer isn't that heavily used -
at least for URL encoded format post requests like you would get by changing
a form to method="POST" instead of method="GET".  I found it was emitting
a debug message in the parameter parser in this particular case that was
then screwing up the Content-Type for some browers.  This resulted in the
returned HTML being treated as text/plain in Mozilla for instance, instead
of text/html.

I have fixed this.

I also fixed the requirement for the Content-Length header.

However, while I tested url-encoded posts with and without Content-Length,
I did not next any posting of XML requests - as is common with WFS.  If anyone
has a handy way to test this easily I would appreciate a bit of hammering
on this aspect.  Just make sure you update from CVS.  I just committed the
changes a few minutes ago.

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