Is Mapserver case sensitive for the WMS parameters

Yewondwossen Assefa assefa at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Nov 9 12:34:02 EST 2004

   All code in Mapserver regarding formats are case insensitive AFAIK
(for the Parameter and even the value).
   Until wms version  1.0.7, Mapserver returned in the Capabilities, the
format name ("<PNG />" "<GIF />", ...) but for more recent version It
returns the mime type.
  I was not really not able reproduce this error with quick tests usiing
wms 1.1.0 and wms 1.1.1.


Havard Tveite wrote:

> I was wondering if Mapserver handles WMS parameters correctly.
> Last week I had some problems that indicates that Mapserver
> downcases the value of the FORMAT parameter of GetMap.
> Unfortunately(?), the WMS server I was testing this against
> has been upgraded, so I cannot reproduce the error.

> As I remember it:
> I was on a rather new version of Mapserver (a build from last
> week).
> I tried to include a layer from a WMS 1.1.0 server, but I got
> problems with the FORMAT of the GetMap request (other WMS
> sources were OK).
> The capabilities document of the external WMS server listed
> the possible map formats as GIF, PNG, JPEG, ... (upper case,
> not mime).
> In my mapserver layer I therefore specified "FORMAT=PNG" (upper
> case) in the GetMap request string. This failed with an
> "Unsupported format" error.
> I tested this "manually", and everything worked fine with
> uppercase "PNG", but the exception was returned with lowercase
> ("png").
> In the WMS specifications (1.1.1) the following is written about
> case sensitivity (the same for 1.1.0?):
> **************************************************************
> * 6.4.1 Parameter Ordering and Case
> * Parameter names shall not be case sensitive, but parameter
> * values shall be case sensitive.
> * In this document, parameter names are typically shown in
> * uppercase for typographical clarity, not as a requirement.
> **************************************************************
> Håvard Tveite
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