win32 MapServer builds

Yewondwossen Assefa assefa at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Nov 23 14:02:27 EST 2004


  I have no objection to the modifications you suggested. The easiest
the better.
The only thing that surprised me was that pre-built GD makes things
easier : I tried it once and Mapserver did not build properly but I know
some are using it regularly with no problem. I am also worried about
library conflict (PNG, JPEG) with the pre-build GD when building
mapserver with GDAL but then again this not the default setting and can
be adressed with local gd builds.


Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Assefa,
> I am intrested in reworking the default configuration of the mapserver
> win32 builds somewhat with the following in mind:
>  o Default to assuming folks are building against the bgd GD DLLs with
> all the
>    stuff they include.
>  o Disable (comment out) all the optional packages (ming, pdf, gdal,
> curl, etc)
>    by default.
>  o Move OPTFLAGS and LDFLAGS from to nmake.opt since they
>    frequently need to be changed.
>  o Use /MD by default, since many support libraries like GDAL and PROJ.4
> are
>    built that way by default.  Statically linking proj.lib in (that was
> built
>    with /MD) with a non-/MD mapserver is bad karma.
> In general, I would like to make building a simple MapServer build alot
> easier,
> and then let people add stuff to that rather than starting with lots of
> stuff
> broken.
> Also, using the pre-built GD makes *alot* of stuff easier.
> What do you think?  Mind if I "do a number" on and nmake.opt?
> Best regards,
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