[Mapserver-dev] msQueryByFeatures() - extra debugging fprintf()?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 1 17:45:51 EDT 2004


The start of msQueryByFeatures() in mapquery.c looks like this:

int msQueryByFeatures(mapObj *map, int qlayer, int slayer)
   int i, l;
   int start, stop=0;
   layerObj *lp, *slp;
   char status;

   double distance, tolerance;

   rectObj searchrect;
   shapeObj shape, selectshape;


   fprintf(stderr, "in msQueryByFeatures()\n");

It seems to me that this fprintf() is some sort of left over debugging
statement that is going to be generating junk to peoples error_log file.
Does anyone know of a reason for it to be here?  Should I change it into an
msDebug() controlled by map->debug?

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