[Mapserver-dev] 4.4 release plan

Yewondwossen Assefa assefa at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Sep 27 11:46:45 EDT 2004

Also a note that I add the z shape files support last week or so (Bug 
869). I have done few tests for reading but I need to upgrade few php 
mapscript functions to expose the z. I will try to do it in the next 
couple of weeks.


Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> I'm planning to have some degree of FastCGI support working within a
>> couple of weeks, but comprehensive support (within the limits of the 
>> project)
>> wouldn't necessarily be done till the end of October.
>> I will need to know pretty soon whether I should start committing bits of
>> the FastCGI support in the development trunk pre-split or not.
>> If you don't mind aiming for a feature freeze at the end of October, then
>> I think it should be ok to include the fast cgi support otherwise I 
>> should
>> hold it back.
> Well, it's not only my decision: we need to see what's best for 
> everyone. I just know that if we don't initiate the release process at 
> some point then it will be another year before we release something, and 
> this is bad for those who are paying for new features and hence is bad 
> for MapServer general.
> With respect to FastCGI, I realize that you need to make changes all 
> over the place, so I wouldn't want to force you to hold your changes for 
> too long since they may become hard to integrate back in the next dev 
> version... but at the same time I am worried that if you make all those 
> changes just before a release and don't leave enought time for testing 
> then we could end up with a flaky release, or could end up having to 
> delay the release over and over until all issues introduced by all those 
> changes are resolved. I'm not sure what's best.
> Let's see how much work the others (Assefa and Steve mostly) have left 
> to do. Maybe we could branch within 1 week or two if the time and WCS 
> stuff done in time, and then you could start committing FastCGI stuff to 
> 4.5 in early October. Is it an option at all for you to start the 
> FastCGI stuff only in a few weeks, after we branch 4.4?
> Daniel

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