[Mapserver-dev] Performance loss between 3.5 and 4.2

Ed Ed
Mon Sep 27 11:50:32 EDT 2004

Eric -

What kind of disks do you have in this system?  Some of those numbers might be consistent with DLL loading/caching - i.e. if some of the MinGW supporting DLLs are already loaded on the system, and the Visual C++ ones are not, one might expect the MinGW code to be "faster" even though the compiler isn't producing "faster code".

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Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Eric Boudaillier wrote:


>> Then, where can I download a source package of 3.5 ?
> I was able to guess the following URL:
> http://cvs.gis.umn.edu/dist/ms_3.5.tar.gz
> You could also get the source from CVS using
> cvs -d :pserver:cvs at cvs.gis.umn.edu:/data2/cvsroot checkout -r 
> rel-3-5-0 mapserver
> Daniel

Hello, here with the latest results, with a home-made mapserver 3.5:

754594 microseconds   4.2.3 (home-made, VC++6)
823738 microseconds   4.2   (UMN binaries)
816582 microseconds   3.6.7 (UMN binaries)

669673 microseconds   3.5   (home-made, VC++6)
564443 microseconds   3.5   (home-made, MinGW)
324430 microseconds   3.5   (msexplorer MinGW DLL)

4.2 is not really slower, MinGW seems to produce faster code, and I absolutely don't understand why msexplorer DLL is so fast.


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