MapServer 4.4.2/4.6 Release Plans?

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Wed Apr 6 12:37:35 EDT 2005


I've seen some stuff about out on the web about an impending MapServer 4.6
release (<> and
<>).  Traditionally,
we've released a new MapServer just before the conference, and I assume we
are keeping that tradition alive this year.

Also, there are at least 17 additions to the MapServer 4.4 branch since
4.4.1.  There was some talk last month about a 4.4.2 release, but it hasn't
materialized yet.

I ask because I and others in the mapserver-docs group have been furiously
working on the next-gen website.  We are making good progress, and I hope
that we can sync the website with the 4.6 release and release it at the
same time.

1. Are we still planning a 4.4.2 release?  If so, when might we cut it?
2. Are we still planning a 4.6 release before the conference?  If so, what
are people's laundry list of items that need to make it in?  Can we set
some dates (feature freeze, etc)?  Only two months left till the conference...
3. Do we want the next-gen website (email me if you need to see it yet) to
go live at the same time as the 4.6 release?
4. The "release manager" concept worked pretty well last time.  Do we want
to do this again, and if so, who can volunteer to be the release manager
for 4.6?


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