MapServer 4.4.2/4.6 Release Plans?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Apr 6 17:37:48 EDT 2005

Hi Howard,

Howard Butler wrote:
> I ask because I and others in the mapserver-docs group have been furiously
> working on the next-gen website.  We are making good progress, and I hope
> that we can sync the website with the 4.6 release and release it at the
> same time.

Thanks for bringing this up. I agree it would be a good idea to try to
sync the launch of the new website with the 4.6 release. That would at
least save us from having to update the old website with the new 4.6 docs.

> Questions:
> 1. Are we still planning a 4.4.2 release?  If so, when might we cut it?

We planned to have one, then I think we decided to wait on some fix, I'm
not sure if that fix ever happened but then we forgot about the release.

I propose that we release 4.4.2 tomorrow.

Steve: I would prepare the CVS tree tomorrow morning and you could post
the new release to the website later during the day. Is that ok with you?

> 2. Are we still planning a 4.6 release before the conference?  If so, what
> are people's laundry list of items that need to make it in?  Can we set
> some dates (feature freeze, etc)?  Only two months left till the
> conference...

After the 4.4 release we agreed to having a release within 4-6 months
which took us to a feature freeze early April (that's now! ouch!) and a
release within 6-8 weeks, by end of May.

I guess we're already late based on those dates, but if we had our
feature freeze around mid-April then we should be able to release end of
May, in time for the conference, with a 6 week period with 3 betas like
we did in the last few releases.

> 3. Do we want the next-gen website (email me if you need to see it yet) to
> go live at the same time as the 4.6 release?

I guess I answered that one already above.

> 4. The "release manager" concept worked pretty well last time.  Do we want
> to do this again, and if so, who can volunteer to be the release manager
> for 4.6?

After being away from MapServer for a few months, I will finally start
having a bit of time available now to get back more seriously to
MapServer, so I would like to volounteer to manage this 4.6 release like
I did for 4.4. Or if someone wants to step in and do it instead of me,
or change the process then please let us know ASAP.

Once we have a release manager, I think the first step will be to setup
a release plan like we had done with 4.4
( with
planned dates and list of the major items that are left to do. This page
should probably find a home in the new website.

Anyway, if I get support for most of the group to be the 4.6 release
manager then I can put this page together, collect information from
everyone and initiate the release process this week.

  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at
  DM Solutions Group    

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