mapserver-4.0.1 version source code documentation

Akio Neuchi neuchi at TCI-COM.BIZ
Wed Apr 13 04:58:10 EDT 2005

Thanks Daniel,

I downloaded Doxygen and found it helps to index and quick-draw the source
code files.
Yes, I agree to install the latest version, 4.4.2(?), and planning to.
As a matter of fact, do you know if the 4.4 version runs stably on Solaris


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Akio Neuchi wrote:
> I recently joined to the MapServer community.
> Trying to make a Japanese version, I am facing some problems.
> I wonder if I can get complete documentations (file descriptions) of .c
> and .h source code.
>  ( mapserver-4.0.1.tar version)
> Thank you for your attention.

There is no formal description of the source files available anywhere.
However you could use a tool such as Doxygen (
to generate some documentation based on the source files. That could
give you at least an idea of what's in each file.

BTW, MapServer 4.0.1 is quite old, you should work with the current
release. i18n support has been added to MapServer 4.4, so I would
recommend that you use that version instead, and you would not need to
do any work to produce maps with Japanese fonts, assuming that's what
you were planning to do. Look for the ENCODING keyword in the mapfile
reference at

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