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Akio Neuchi neuchi at TCI-COM.BIZ
Wed Apr 20 07:47:48 EDT 2005

Thanks for the Info. I will try DEBUG TRUE soon.

Unfortunately at this stage I have to work with the old version 4.0.1,
because this is the only active one.

Yes we already tested GET and found a certain limit of characters to send.
Here is the tip.
Important note: If you use the GET method in your form,
you will notice that the example GET server will choke
if too much data (more than a couple hundred bytes) is submitted at a time
-- the server is passing the data to the form-processing module via a shell
command line,
and the maximum shell command line length is being exceeded.
This problem does not exist with the POST method and server.
So, I have to try with POST anyway, and in fact POST works round 8000 bytes
but not more than 9000.


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Akio Neuchi wrote:
> Hello,
> I reported CGI interface trouble yesterday, as following:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> The following message came from MapServer when a client was sending bunch
> node parametres by POST on the script.
> ...trying to POST /cgi-bin/mapserv, cgi_scan_headers
>  reports: HTTP4044: the CGI program
> /var/opt/SUNWappserver7/domains/domain1/server1/cgi-bin/mapserv
> did not produce a valid header (program terminated without a valid CGI
> header.
> Check for core dump or other abnormal termination)
> -----------------------------------------------
> But now I am not sure whether the cause was at the phase of input or
> Has anyone experienced the same problem?

No, I have never seen this before. Does the mapserv CGI work fine with
GET requests? Maybe the mapserv binary crashes while processing the
request and the error message from the web server is just misleading you.

I would suggest that you try to test with GET first to make sure the
rest of your build is right, and if it fails only on POST requests, then
at least you'll know where to look.

BTW, are you using MapServer 4.4 or an older version?

> And how can I get MapServer Error logs?

Configure with --enable-debug, and set DEBUG TRUE at the top-level of
your mapfile and in every layer, this will give you the maximum amount
of debugging info. The debug output in this case goes to the stderr
which should be your web server's error_log.

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