4.6 release plan

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Wed Apr 20 14:18:47 EDT 2005

Steve, Daniel, et al,

I would like to lobby for [Bug 564] Label are occasional upside down to
be fixed as part of the 4.6 release cycle. This bug shows up on 4.0.1
and 4.4.1 and it has been reported to me by multiple clients running
various versions of mapserver.

I spent some time day to make a trivial shapefile and mapfile to
reproduce this problem and attached them to the bug. I have also posted
a new link to view this test map in the bug.

While I'm sure there are bigger bugs than this one, this one is
extremely annoying and quite visible when browsing street level maps.

I want to add my thanks to all the developers that have been working so
hard to create an incredible stream of releases. I hope the test case
will make it easy to find and fix this.

   -Steve W.

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