Mapserver mapfiles access

N'GUESSAN Gretti gretti.nguessan at C-S.FR
Tue Apr 26 13:07:58 EDT 2005


I may make a mistake while posting this question on this list but I try
anyway (sorry ;))

I am to make a java application which should produce maps for my customer. I
chosed mapserver to do so.
I encounter a security problem because the customer I work for has a IBM/Zos
WAS Server and I am not quite sure to be able to compile mapserver on. So we
made a tricky architecture using the Zos server and another one on SUSE in
for mapserver. My java application generates a mapfile each time the user
makes a request and puts it on the SUSE server and then calls mapserver in
order to produce the image. It works great while using NFS mount between Zos
and SUSE. In fact for securty reasons, the customer doesn't want me to have
this NFS mount so I have to find a solution to give my map to mapserver. I
was wondering if it would be possible to directly stream the content of the
file in a POST request to mapserver in order to have the image generated
without writing physically the mapfile on the disk. If someone could help it
would be great.


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