MapServer 4.6.0-beta1 released

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Apr 27 21:53:12 EDT 2005


MapServer 4.6.0-beta1 has just been released. This will be the first of
a couple of betas that will lead us to a MapServer 4.6.0 release early
June, just in time for MUM3. As for previous releases, we invite
experienced users to contribute to the release process by testing the
betas with their applications and reporting any issues via bugzilla.

The 4.6.0-beta1 source code is available in the downloads page at and windows binaries should be
available shortly at the usual locations.

I have included below the list of the main changes/fixes since 4.4 (from


  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at
  DM Solutions Group    

Version 4.6.0-beta1 (2005-04-26)

- Buf 1332 - shptreevis.c: fixed setting of this_rec, as the output dbf
   file was not getting any records at all.

- Fixed to make .exe files depend on the DLL, so if the DLL
   fails to build, things will stop.  Avoids the need for unnecessary
   cleans on win32.  Also fixed the rule for MS_VERSION for mapscriptvars.

- Bug 1262 : the SERVICE parameter is now required for wms and wfs
   GetCapbilities request. It is not required for other WMS requests.
   It is required for all WFS requests.

- Bug 1302 : the wfs/ows_service parameter is not used any more. The
   service is always set to WFS for WFS layers.

- Bug 791: initialize some fields in msDBFCreate() - avoids crashes in
   some circumstances.

- Bug 1329 : Apply sld named layer on all layers of the same group

- Bug 1328 : support style's width parameter for line and polygon layers.

- Bug 1244: Replacing --enable-shape-z-m by --enable-point-z-m and
   USE_SHAPE_Z_M by USE_POINT_Z_M. The new name makes more sense.

- Bug 564: Fixed old problem with labels occasionally drawn upside down

- Bug 1325: php mapscript function $class->settext needs only 1 argument.

- Bug 1319: Fixed mutex creation (was creator-owned) in mapthread.c. win32
   issue only.

- Bug 1103: Set the default tolerance value based on the layer type.
   The default is now 3 for point and line layers and 0 for all the others.

- Bug 1244: Removing Z and M parameter from pointObj by default. A new
   compilation option is available to active those option
   This gives an overall performance gain around 7 to 10%.

- Bug 1225: MapServer now requires GD 2.0.16 or more recent

- MapScript: shapeObj allocates memory for 4 value strings,
   lets users set values of a shapeObj.

- MapScript: imageObj.getBytes() replaces imageObj.write() (bugs 1176,

- Bug 1308: Correction of SQL expression generated on wfs filters for
   postgis/oracle layers.

- Bug 1304: Avoid extra white space in gml:coordinates for gml:Box.

- mapogr.c: Insure that tile index reading is restarted in
   msOGRLayerInitItemInfo() or else fastcgi repeat requests for a layer may
   fail on subsequent renders.

- mapogr.c: Set a real OGRPolygon spatial filter, not just an OGRLinearRing.
             Otherwise GEOS enabled OGR builds will do expensive, and
             incorrect Intersects() tests.

- mapogr.cpp / mapprimitive.c: Optimize msAddLine() and add

- mapprimitive.c: Optimizations in msTransformShapeToPixel() (avoid

- map.h: Made MS_NINT inline assembly for win32, linux/i86.

- mapprimitive.c: optimized msClipPolygonRect and msClipPolylineRect for
   case where the shape is completely inside the clip rect.

- Add support for SVG output. See Bug 1281 for details.

- Bug 1231: use mimetype "image/png; mode=24bits" for 24bit png format.
   This makes it seperately selectable by WMS.

- Bug 1206: Applied locking patch for expression parser for rasters.

- Bug 1273: Fixed case in msProjectPoint() were in or out are NULL and
   a failure occurs to return NULL.  Fixed problem of WMS capabilities with
   'inf' in it.

- SLD generation bug 1150 : replacing <AND> tag to <ogc:And>

- Fixed bug 1118 in msOWSGetLayerExtent() (mapows.c).

- Fixed ogcfilter bug #1252

- Turned all C++ (//) comments into C comments (bug 1238)

- mapproject.h/ Don't check for USE_PROJ_API_H anymore.
   we have a modern PROJ.4.

- Bug 839: Fix memory leak of font name in label cache (in mapfile.c).

- Added msForceTmpFileBase() and mapserv -tmpbase switch to allow overriding
   temporary file naming conventions.  Mainly intended to make writing
   testscripts using mapserv easier. FrankW.

- maporaclespatil.c: Bug fix for: #1109, #1110, #1111, #1112, #1136, #1210,
   #1211, #1212, #1213.  Support for compound polygons, fixed internal
sql to
   stay more accurate for geodetic data, added the support for getextent
   function.  Added VERSION token for layer data string.

- mapimagemap.c: Preliminary implementation of support for emitting
   MS_SYMBOL_VECTOR symbols in msDrawMarkerSymbolIM().

- Bug 1204: Added multi-threading support in mapthread.c.  List of
   is managed within a mutex lock, and connections are only allowed to
be used
   by one thread at a time.

- Bug 1185 : php/mapscript : add constant MS_GD_ALPHA

- Bug 1173: In HTML legend, added opt_flag support for layer groups.

- Bug 1179: added --with-warnings configure switch, overhauled warning

- Bug 1168: Improve autoscaling through classification rounding issues.

- Fixed bug writing RGB/RGBA images via GDAL output on bigendian systems.

- Bug 1152 : Fix WMS style capabilities output for FastCGI enabled builds.

- Bug 1135 : Added support for rotating labels with the map if they were
   rendered with some particular angle already.

- Bug 1143 : Missing call to msInitShape.

- Fixed PHP5 support for windows : Bug 1100.

- Correct bug 1151 : generates twice a </Mark> tag when generating an SLD.
   This was happening the style did not have a size set.

- Oracle Spatial.  Fixed problem with LayerClose function.  Added token NONE
   for DATA statement.  Thanks Valik with the hints about the LayerClose
   and Francois with the hints about NONE token.

- numpoints and stylelength memebers of the symbol object needs to be in
   with the low level values after calles to setpoints ans setstyle (Bug

- Use doubles instead of integers in function php3_ms_symbol_setPoints
   (Bug 1137).

- Change the output of the expression when using a wild card for
   PropertyIsLike (Bug 1107).

- Delete temporary sld file created on disk (Bug 1123)

- Fixed msFreeFileCtx() to call free() instead of gdFree() as per bug 1125.
   Also renamed gdFreeFileCtx() to msFreeFileCtx().

- Ensure error stack is cleared before accepting another call in FastCGI
   mode in mapserv.c.  Bug 1122

- Support translation of all geometry types to points in mapogr.cpp (now
   also supports multipolygon, multilinestring and geometrycollection.
   bug 1124.

- Added support for passing OGR layer FILTER queries down to OGR via the
   SetAttributeFilter() method if prefixed with WHERE keyword.  Bug 1126.

- Fixed support for SIZEUNITS based scaling of text when map is rotated.
   Bug 1127.

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