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Huub -

And what would that bug be?  Caching is a good thing - since there are
no other demands on memory, and fast-cgi processes are SUPPOSED to stay
resident, how can you tell that anything's wrong?

What would you EXPECT the memory usage to be?  Since RAM is good for
caching, it's usually GOOD for programs to use as much available RAM as
they can take advantage of, as long as they're not competing with other

        - Ed

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Hi List,
(new thread,the same name)

this morning i could see that memoryusage was over 700Mb the 8
mapserv.fcgi processes were gone.

After stopping apache the memoryusage of the server dropped to 414Mb

Then i continued to use (the approved) (now timing results)

after lets say 50 zoomins/outs (50 for 4.5 cgi and 50 for 4.6beta fcgi)
10.05h i see 3 mapserv.fcgi in the processlist memory is 873Mb 10.15h 3
mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb 10.45h 3 mapserv.fcgi
(154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb (now i closed the browser) 11.15h 3
mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb Stopped Apache.
mapserv.fcgi gone, Memoryusage dropped to 414Mb

am i missing something, or should i file a bug

httpd.conf fastcgi settings

LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.dll AddHandler
fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl FastCgiConfig -idle-timeout 300
-killInterval 500 -initial-env PROJ_LIB -initial-env PATH -initial-env
SetEnv PATH "C:/Oracle/product/10.1.0/Client_1/BIN"

Regards, Huub

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